Indiana's Finest

Indiana's Finest is a yearlong competition where member's can show their

 cattle across the state of Indiana at any one of our many sanctioned shows.


Thank you to all those contributing to the Indiana's Finest Heifer!

A special thank you to Dr. Larry and Joe Horstman of Horstman Cattle Company for donating an elite female.


Rick Seehase

Loran Wilson

Main Trailer Sales

Cates Farms

Matt Martin

Pruett Show Cattle

Fred Glover

Jared Jarck

Royer Girls Cattle Co.

Rochester Sale Barn

Able Acres 

Larry Ott Family

Sennett Cattle

Doug Brown

Rustic Hills Cattle

Posey Co. Farm Bureau Co-op

Meadowlake Angus

Emerson Cattle Co.

Lowry Co.

Independence Cattle Farm

Tim Scheaffer

The Hendrickson Family

Jon and Hilary Tebo

T.D. Wall Trailer Sales

Shuter Family Cattle

Jimmy Thompson

Jay Davis

Rick, Lynn, and Dalton Davis

Shipshewana Livestock Auction

Dr. Bruce Lamb and Family

Brian Goettemeoller 

Smith Family Farms

Dixon Family

Joslin Farms

Jared Schimdt and Family

Neal Bros.

Mick Douglas Cattle

Cody and Lindsay Sankey

Stewart Select Angus

Steve Gunn

Kopp Land and Livestock/Tim Schwab

Mitch Ferree

Kottkamp Herefords

Matt Claeys

Barry Wesner

Dan Frey

BCII Cattle

Alan Carr

Caligo Farms

Trae Simmons

Dustin Plunkett

Kyle and Pam Johnson

Scott Trennepohl

K & K Livestock

Gress Cattle Co.

Sheehe Family Sales

Wiley Cattle Co.

Indiana Farm Bureau

Greg Armuth

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