Becoming a member of the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association is a very rewarding decision! We are a group of young individuals (age 3rd grade-21 years of age) that are passionate about the beef cattle industry. 

How to Apply

To become a member of the IJBCA there are two avenues:

Hoosier Beef Congress Showmanship
Option 1

Sign up for Hoosier Beef Congress showmanship. This contest costs 10 dollars as well as includes membership into the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association. This option will be included in the HBC sign-up sheet that will be sent in to the Indiana Beef Office. Then come see the IJBCA at the IJBCA booth to give us information on your calves to track them in the points!

Come and See Us 

Option 2

The second option for signing up for IJBCA membership is to come see us at our booth at one of the shows that we are attending! This route will cost 15 dollars.If you sign up at a show, at that time you will give us information on your calves to track them in the points. We will have a representative at every show and are more than willing to talk to potential interested members. 

Become a director

The IJBCA Director Applications for 2018-19 are being accepted. Deadline for applying is Wednesday, May 10th. 

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