Indiana's Finest Award Winners-2016
10th – Haley Fulk, Lowell; 9th -Bailey Tomson, Wesport; 8th – Andrew Jarck, Fairmount; 7th – Brooke Hayden, Lowell; 6th – Jacob Shoufler, Fortville; 5th – Rylie Lanum, Flora; 4th – Miller Smith, Pendleton; 3rd – Jackson Sills, Poneto; Res. Exhibitor – Katie Mize, North Manchester; and Top Exhibitor – Ellie Sennett, Waynetown
– 20th – Libby Dixon, Rennselaer; 19th – Bayleigh Huesenbeck, LaOtto; 17th – Noah Hayden, Lowell; 15th – Abbie Jacks, Tipton; 13th – Reid Utterback, Elwood; 12th – Bryce Williams, Lizton; and 11th – Stetson Herzog, Hobart; not pictured – 14th – Payton Hitchings, Tipton; 16th – Ryen Kerr, Bloomington; and 18th – Harper Henney, Angola

Top 10 Steers – (left to right) 9th & 10th – Haley Fulk, Lowell; 8th – Stephanie Berenda, Earl Park; 4th – Katie Mize, North Manchester; 5th – Colton McMullen, Rockville; 6th tie – Bayleigh Huelsenbeck, LaOtto; 3rd – Noah Hayden, Lowell; 6th tie – Bryce Williams, Lizton; and Top Steer – Andrew Jarck, Fairmount; not pictured – Res Steer – Ryen Kerr, Bloomington

Top 10 Heifers – (left to right)  - Res Heifer – Ellie Sennett, Waynetown; Top Heifer – Bailey Tomson, Westport; 3rd – Katie Mize, North Manchester; 4th – Emily Sennett (for Ellie Sennett), Waynetown; 5th – Rylie Lanum, Flora; 6th – Brooke Hayden, Lowell; 8th – Jackson Sills, Poneto; 9th – Clint Main, Seymour; and 10th – Layne Sanders, Greensburg; not pictured – 7th – Jacob Shoufler, Fortville


Top 5 Bred and Owned Heifers – Grand Heifer – Libby Dixon, Rensselaer; Res – Rylie Lanum, Flora; 3rd – Brooke Hayden, Lowell; 4th – Ethan Shannon; Monon; and 5th – Jacob Shoufler, Fortville

Top 5 Bred and Owned Steers – Res Steer – Bailey Tracy, Sullivan; 4th – Bryce Hayden, Lowell; and 5th – Rob Rogers, Kendallville; not pictured – Grand Steer – Payton Hitchings, Tipton; and 3rd – H.D. Smith, Bloomington


Top 5 Novice Showmen – 5th – Marshall Finke, Rochester; 4th – Rylie Lanum, Flora; 3rd – Stephanie Berenda, Earl Park; Champion tie – Libby Dixon, Rensselaer and Andrew Jarck, Fairmount

Top 5 Junior Showmen – 5th – Hayden Berenda, Earl Park; 4th – Hayley Jarck, Fairmount; Res Champion tie – Luke Dixon, Rensselaer and Eli Shannon, Monon; and Champion – Miller Smith, Pendleton


Top 5 Intermediate Showmen – Champion – Abbie Jacks, Tipton; 5th – Ellie Sennett, Waynetown; 4th – Ashley Peterson, Remington; 3rd – Ethan Shannon, Monon; and Res Champion – Jackson Sills, Poneto

Top 5 Senior Showmen – Champion – Jacob Shoufler, Fortville; 4th – Regan Culp, Francesville; 3rd – Randi Faulk, Worthington; and Res Champion – Shelby Ison, Atlanta; not pictured 5th- Ryen Kerr, Bloomington

Champion and Res. Champion Breed Heifers – (left to right) front rows – RC Hereford – Taylor Ferguson, Odon; RC Chi – Brooke Hayden, Lowell; RC Simmental – Kaden Bennigton, Jamestown; RC Shorthorn – Reid Utterback, Elwood; RC Composite Charolais – Skylar Bennett, Winchester; RC ShorthornPlus – Clayton Main, Seymour; RC Red Angus – Jacob Shuter, Frankton; and RC Angus – Drew Brown, Rockville; back rows – RC Maine - Abbie Jacks, Tipton; C Hereford – Libby Dixon, Rensselaer; C Chi and RC SimSolution – Rylie Lanum, Flora; C Shorthorn – Stetson Herzog, Hobart; C SimSolution – Clint Main, Seymour; C Simmental – Katie Mize, North Manchester; C Commercial Heifer – Bailey Tomson, Westport; C Angus and RC Commercial – Ellie Sennett, Waynetown; C Belted Galloway – Marshall Finke, Rochester; C Red Angus – Miller Smith, Pendleton; C Maine – Layne Sanders, Greensburg; C Composite Charolais and ShorthornPlus – Hayden Berenda, Earl Park; C Salers – Audra Carter, Francisco; and C Mainetainer – Jacob Shoufler; Fortville; not pictured – RC Mainetainer – Payton Hitchings, Tipton; RC Belted Galloway – Chase Sutton, Lowell; C Charolais – Mattie Doerstler, Greens Fork; RC Charolais – Isaac Murdock, Worthington; and RC Salers  - Amber Carter, Francisco

Champion and Res. Champion Breed Steers – (left to right) – RC Maine – Colton McMullen, Rockville; C Simmental Steer – Katie Mize, North Manchester; RC Crossbred – Olivia McGurk, Kingman; C Red Angus  - Amber Carter for Brock Carter, Francisco; C ShorthornPlus – Noah Knepp, Warsaw; RC Hereford – Andon Zehring, Leesburg; C Charolais – Hayley Fulk, Lowell; C Belted Galloway – Alexa Finke, Rochester; C Chi – Noah Hayden, Lowell; RC Chi – Bayleigh Huelsenbeck, LaOtto; C Hereford – Stephanie Berenda, Earl Park; C Crossbred – Andew Jarck, Fairmount; C Limousin – Kara Hankins, North Salem; RC Belted Galloway – Sawyer Bales, Larwill; C Salers  - Audra Carter for Brody Carter, Francisco; C Angus – Halle Smith, Kingman; RC Shorthorn – Blake Peterson, Remington; C Shorthorn – Bryce Williams, Lizton; and RC ShorthornPlus – Torrie Greathouse, Mitchell; not pictured – RC Angus – Byce Hofing, Coatesville; RC Charolais – Harper Henney, Angola; RC Limousin – Rain Walker, Kouts; C Maine – Ryen Kerr, Bloomington; and RC Simmental – Clayton Duckworth, Franklin


IJBCA Herdsman Award – Ashley and Blake Peterson, Remington

Hall of Fame – Hereford Heifer – Emily Sennett, Waynetown; not pictured – Simmental Steer – Clayton Duckworth, Franklin; Salers Steer – Brody Carter, Francisco; Charolais Steer – Harper Henney, Angola; and Hereford Steer – Hattie Duncan, Wingate


Show Pass Winner – Jacob Shuter, Frankton

Trailer Winner – Brady Tracy, Sullivan

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