Educational Activities & Contests 

 We understand that many of you are missing shows right now, and we are too! Below are some activities to help get through these unusual times. We look forward to being back in a show ring with our junior members!

IJBCA's Barn Talk

Below are links to each episode of IJBCA's Barn Talk. Enjoy!

Barn Talk Episode 1: Hear from Dr. Dave Dixon at StockVets, view it here

Barn Talk Episode 2: Beef taco wraps with Hattie Duncan, view it here

Barn Talk Episode 3: Daily hair care with Drew Brown, view it here.

Barn Talk Episode 4: Cooking a porterhouse steak with Austin Bush, view it here.

Barn Talk Episode 5: Clipping heads with Bryce Hayden, view it here.

Printable Sheets

IJBCA Virtual Junior Contests

In these unprecedented times, IJBCA wants to give our members a chance to display their talents and skills, learn through these contests, and have fun in the process of this pandemic. Below are rules and a google form to submit your entries for each contest. Have fun with these activities, and embrace all of the time we have on our hands!

IJBCA Photography Contest

The purpose of this contest is to allow IJBCA members to showcase and increase their digital talents by displaying a message or feeling through a photo. Below are the guidelines and photography entry submission.

Rules/ Guidelines

IJBCA Photography Contest Guidelines

Submission of Photos

Photography Entries

IJBCA Sales Contest

The objective of this IJBCA contest is to gain a working understanding of performance and pedigree information. Emphasis will be placed on communication skills and sales techniques.

Rules/ Guidelines

IJBCA Sales Contest Guidelines

Submission of Videos

Sales Entries

IJBCA Graphic Design Contest

The purpose of the Graphic Design Contest is to 1) to display the creative talent of IJBCA members; 2) to share ideas that may be useful in promotion of our organization; and 3) to provide another fun, educational and competitive activity for interested juniors who may be able to participate in other programs. This contest enables the junior member to use computer technology to design materials that promote the Junior Beef Cattle Association.

Rules/ Guidelines

IJBCA Graphic Design Contest Rules

Submission of Photos

Photo Entries

IJBCA Fitting Contest

The purpose of this contest is to allow IJBCA members to showcase their fitting talents by fitting and displaying their work to the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association.

Rules / Guidelines

IJBCA Fitting Contest Guidelines

Submission of Photos

Fitting Entries